B3W Group

B3W Group

B3W Group is among the veterans in the gaming industry, more so in the superhero providers section. The UK-based company was formed in 1997 with the sole intention of providing slot games to the gambling community. However, with time, the entity introduced other casino games due to the increasing demand from these gambling fans. B3W group was the first software producing company to change the settings of online slots from download to no download. Read this review to gain more insights on the services this company avails to members of the gambling realm.

B3W Group Slots

Even though this organization is not as endowed in the number of games it has as some of the more prominent gaming companies, it has decent games that players can enjoy. Slots are the most dominant sets created by the company. Although the entity tries to catch up with the current graphical evolution, it majors mostly in making progressive slot machines that have classic features. Therefore, it is common to find slots with three reels and three lines as opposed to those with more reels on them.

Some of the most common slots by this entity are:
  • Liberty Bells
  • Super Heroes
  • Jurassic World
  • Mafia Boss
  • Gladiator
  • Da Vinci
  • Zoro
  • Dracula, etc.

It is quite evident that the organization thrives in creating superhero heroes slot machines as opposed to other themed sets. Even so, one can come across other slots with fruit, celebrity, lifestyle, and cartoon themes among others. Sadly, the entity does not have a big collection of slots.

Aside from these reel machines, one can also enjoy other casino games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, keno, video poker, scratch games, fixed odd games, poker, and casino war. These sets are only available in the virtual computer-controlled version. The entity is yet to invest in a live casino.

B3W Group Gaming Modes

With such a growing betting community, it becomes increasingly relevant to avail games that are accessible in any platform. B3W is one of the companies that understood this fact first before all other gaming companies. It came up with the idea of enabling a flash on each computer, thus scraping of the download gaming from desktop gambling. In addition to this, the company also has a mobile option that allows players who enjoy its games to play on their portable devices. Mobile casinos that are powered by this company can, therefore, avail the no download or download version of the sets effortlessly.

B3W Games Payout

When it comes to payouts, the company has a mixture of both high and low volatility games. However, the highly volatile ones seem to be more than their low ones. The casino RTP rate also varies with some sets having payouts as low as 80% or as high as 99%. Some of the games by this company include Gold Rush, Falling Diamonds, Jackpot Killer, and Big Money.

B3W Casino Bonuses

The kind of bonuses a gamer receives when playing games by B3W Group will depend on the casino they pick. Each gaming site is entitled to avail rewards that it deems fit to dish out to its clients. Members can have access to items like no deposit gifts, welcome bonuses, match rewards, percentage prizes, and free spins among others.

Free and Real Money Gambling

Players have the choice of selecting whether they want to engage in the free slots online or play in real money casinos. These variations are available on the mobile casinos or the desktop ones as well. While it is relatively easy to find the free slots in any review and free play site, as well as real money casinos, the opposite applies to money gaming. Gamblers who want to play for funds has to prove that they are legally allowed to stake before they can join a gaming club.

Final Remarks

Even though B3W Group is not among the leading top software providers on the internet, it has done a pleasing job in ensuring that it stays relevant in the gambling industry. The creation of superheroes slots software is one of the ways they do this. Going mobile is also another way they achieve such objectives. Better yet, one can freely get the free games in any of the software reviews sites on the internet. Gamers can easily visit these top software reviews places that do B3W Group reviews for a chance to enjoy the games by this company. However, when it comes to real cash gaming, one has to find a casino that avails the option to players on the internet. It is good to note that only adults can bet in real money B3W Group casinos. Checking for a valid license and a stamp of safety is the first thing a gamer should do before they register as a member in these places.