Novomatic is a huge company that employs 30,000 people worldwide. It has operations in more than 50 countries. It does not only provide top softwares for its clients but it also creates cabinet games that you will find in land-based real money casinos. In this review, we will take a look at what Novomatic has to offer and how it tries to differentiate itself from other providers.

Novomatic Slots

The company has a footprint in more than 2,000 gaming facilities worldwide.

And there must be a reason for the magnitude of its operations.
  • Cabinets – the company creates gaming cabinets that casino owners can display and operate onsite. These cabinets have various features and can be tailor-made for a casino. The displays are 4K ready, which means that they are built with high-resolution graphics, which is an important factor if you are looking for a high-grade superhero slots software. Today, many casinos are taking advantage of the hype of superhero movies and they are on the lookout for superhero providers for slot machines.Novomatic can provide options for machines that have a chair, cabinets that have flip screen r HD curve screen, and table cabinets that can accommodate several players at the same time.
  • Diverse Games – if you read magazines about top softwares reviews, you will find out that it is critical for a game developer to have a wide range of selections for it to help the casino operator make money. It is not unusual for players to tire of a game, especially if the player is losing. There is always a superstition about luck that if a game is not giving payouts, you must move on to the next. And this is where Novomatic comes in.
    It has machines that offer multiple games. A player can switch from slots with Superhero heroes to another kind of slot in the same machine. An example of this is the Edition X. It has 10 games in one machine.

Features of Novomatic

Casino operators who are reading software reviews want to see something extraordinary from a company.

Below are two key differentiators of Novomatic.
  • Accessories – Novomatic produces physical accessories that a casino can use in its land-based operations. The signs are bright and are designed in huge screens that show the jackpot amount. As an operator, you can use this sign to showcase your bonuses and progressive jackpots to potential players.
    You can also ask the company to manufacture signs for you where you can show your clients where the play zones are, especially for those who are just around for review & free play.
  • Platforms – apart from producing land-based machines, Novomatic also creates games for mobile casinos. These games can be programmed to offer no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins. If you need to test the games, you can always find free slots online from websites that offer demo versions of Novomatic games.

Popular Games

Here are a few games that the company has developed and published.

These are popular games that one can find in many online casinos.
  • Royal Dynasty – this slot machine has an RTP of 94% and it is a popular slot because of its wilds, scatters, and theme. It is about people of the royal bloodline. It offers a massive jackpot of 50,000 coins, scatter prizes, bonus rounds, and bet amounts that you can toggle from 0.01 coin to 5 coins.
  • Super Dice – this is an exciting game where a player can expect 95% RTP. It is a simple slot that operates on three reels and three rows. It has an auto-spin and a gamble feature that lets a player decide if he wants to risk his winning or double it. The slot also has a hold button feature where you can press and release two reels. If the results match, the lasts reel will spin and can help you improve your payout if you manage to have held the symbol that has the highest payout.
  • Book of Ra: Temple of Gold – this is a slot machine that gives a whopping jackpot of 500,000. It has an auto-play and a gamble feature. This slot also gives out free spins and bonuses. It operates on five reels and three rows with 10 pay lines. The game also features wilds and scatters, which can add to the player’s odds of winning.


Novomatic has been around for a while and is likely to remain strong. It has a solid footing in the casino industry not only in online casinos but in land-based ones, too. If it wants to, it can operate its own casino. Apart from traditional games, it has expanded its reach to sports betting, which is gaining traction among sports lovers in the word. With the internet and mobile technology advancing, many players now have the access to place bets without going to physical bookmaking companies.