Top Super Heroes Ever

The world of superheroes has drawn in throngs of fans. Their extraordinary abilities and powers, high pain tolerance, intelligence, honesty, fighting spirits, and strong moral codes are a few traits that people love about their favourite superheroes.

The characters which primarily feature in comics, TV shows, and movies are also available in various casino games. These games offer generous bonuses allowing you to explore their world on PC or mobile for free or you can try to earn some cash in real money mode.

Check out a list of the top 10 superheroes that inspired casino games providers to create superhero-themed slots.

  • Superman

Superman’s fan base is quite huge, the reason he makes it on the list of top 10 superheroes (for all time). He is loved because he is relatable and an ideal for morals and values.

  • Spiderman

One of the friendliest heroes, Spiderman, has managed to capture the hearts of millions. He always avails himself to save the day, even though he is just a regular person when not on duty. He also scores well on the list of the top 10 superheroes movies.

  • Batman

Batman is an incredible character who features in many superhero games. He is loved for the way he crusades against all kinds of evil in Gotham City. He also teaches his fans to become resilient.

  • Wolverine

Even though he is a tough guy, it’s hard not to become his fan. He offers a different style of heroism- one of the main reasons his fans adore him. Wolverine only follows his own agenda to achieve goals.

  • Wonder Woman

Among the top female superheroes, Wonder Woman is loved for her ability to save people when she is in costume, and even when she is not. People also admire the fact that she is a global citizen who possesses traits of an authentic leader.

  • Captain America

An astounding hero, Captain America oozes charisma, dedication, leadership, and other loveable traits that make him one of the best there have ever been. Finding Captain America games you can play for free is quite easy.

  • Invisible Woman

Another female superhero who deserves to be on the list of top superheroes has got to be an invisible woman. Her power to become invisible at will and change other things to be invisible as well is quite intriguing and something most people would wish to have.

  • Thor

It’s not hard to explain why there are so many Thor casino slots games online free play. People go crazy about the engrossing character who experiences a multitude of exciting adventures while at the same time making sure that the God of Thunder remains as human as possible.

  • The Incredible Hulk

“Hulk Smash” is a phrase that is not new to loads of people both adults and kids. The huge bad green machine is a favourite for many. His popularity can be attributed to the fact that he has unbelievable strength and most times he just wants to be left alone.

  • Iron Man

Iron man is an incredible superhero who has a witty and clever brain that always gets business handled. His condescending snarky personality gets people glued to the screen watching what his next move will be.